Saturday, November 1, 2008

Marriot Courtyard Westport

I won a bid at this hotel for $42. I was hoping to stay at the Doubletree or Sheraton Westport but on this day the Marriot Courtyard came through as the winner. When I saw it was the Marriot Courtyard I was a little bit disappointed. Looking at these hotels from the outside is a bit decieving and disappointing. Once, I got in the hotel I found that it was very nice. They have the rooms and decor of a three star hotel and the benefits of a two star hotel. They had the items like a tea bar and stuff you would typically not find offered for free at the more expensive hotels. Then they had a lavish lobby and really comfortable rooms as you'd find in a three star hotel.

I still haven't answered why the more expensive hotels offer less free services. I really liked the setup. It was more like being at home than the other hotels. I think that is the concept. I was really suprised. I enjoyed my stay even though I didn't go over to Westport for all the fun. The good news is that I recently won a bid at the Sheraton Chalet so you can still stay at a hotel primed for partying. I love getting drunk and walking 100 feet to were I can crash. Please, don't get obnoxiously drunk. Well hope to see you in St. Louis. Bidding in Westport is always cheap especially on weekends and holidays.