Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hotel Review: Doubletree in Chesterfield Missouri

This is by far the best bargain on Priceline in the St. Louis area. I won a bid for Saturday night just this weekend for $38 dollars. The hotel also has great facilities including both a wet and dry sauna. There isn't a better stay.

The lobby is clean and the staff is super friendly. They even give you a really good cookie upon check in, not that I can eat the cookie, but that is service. It always scores me a few points with the girlfriend though as does the Neutrogenia toiletries.

By the way this is a bidding well. I have been able to go back to this trough numerous time. This is my most closely guarded Priceline bidding secret. If you stay at this hotel please be courteous. I would say this hotel beats out all of the other hotels on every criteria except for location. Boone's Crossing is nearby, which has a lot of restaurants and the Chesterfield Mall but they are not within walking distance.

If you have business in Chesterfield you can bid knowing this is where you will stay. Enjoy!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hotel Review: Renaissance St. Louis Airport

This is my second review of the Renaisance hotel. This time I booked one night and I check in on a Friday. My stay cost me only forty five dollars not including taxes and fees. This time they had the parking working and everything. The downside of this stay is that I was actually trying to win a bid in Clayton. Another patron says that you do get free WiFi in the lobby but I couldn't get it to work.

All I could get is a screen for the charges. This is also a non-smoking hotel. Last time I thought I recieved a smoking room but I was wrong. It must have been the jerk before me leaving that awful stench. By the way smokers beware as for me I don't care. Sorry, just bustin' a rhyme.

I really enjoyed my stay again. I think that the comments last time still apply. It was nice to stay in a decent hotel again. No more reviews of the Comfort Inn for me. Why should I when it costs the same for a stay at the nicer hotels. As alway good luck bidding.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Hotel Review: Comfort Inn & Suites Chesterfield Valley

Well I did it and I think I am going to hate the readers I did this for for at least a week, but I will get over this booking. I booked this room for $30 per night. Fortunately, I only booked it for one night. The rooms are kind of dingy, the sheets are a little itchy and the furniture is made from composite board. I may have been able to book this stay for less, but then again I am not that concerned. I think for a two star I may bid around $25 on average and work up from there. I did try to do this in Eureka, but that wasn't working. There's relatively little competition so rooms are hard to come by. I have certainly found that rooms are easier to get for a low price in more populated areas.

The good new is that mean rooms in places like Orlando and Las Vegas should be really cheap. I have looked at the regular prices for those rooms and they are a great deal already; especially, when you are looking at a trip package.

Now, back to the Comfort Inn & Suites. There are good and bad aspects to this hotel. I can see some people perferring the lack of comfort to some of the features the room had. This kills me but this cheap room had free WiFi, and that is big. There are times where I would forgo comfort to get access to the Internet. It also had a microwave. If you are on the go and trying to minimize your spending you
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can't do better than running down to Wal-Mart and picking up a cheap dinner. I wouldn't however swim in the pool the top of the water looked like it had some sort of gel on the surface. The exercise room wasn't very good either.

As far as location goes this hotel is also located near a lot of manufacturing businesses, a small local airport and the strip of Chesterfield where all the restaurants and shop are located. The main thing to draw me in is still the wireless. I am big on that feature and businesses better start making this shift aggressively. It will become a serious competitive advantage for some hotels. I simply can't bring myself to spend ten bucks a night for WiFi. Ouch.

Unless, someone writes me with a specific request this will be my last stay at a two star hotel. The only way I will commit to a room like this again is if it is all that is available in an area. In the meantime have fun bidding. In September I am going to Vegas for the weekend and I hope to bring you some news of low low rates.