Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hotel Review: Doubletree in Chesterfield Missouri

This is by far the best bargain on Priceline in the St. Louis area. I won a bid for Saturday night just this weekend for $38 dollars. The hotel also has great facilities including both a wet and dry sauna. There isn't a better stay.

The lobby is clean and the staff is super friendly. They even give you a really good cookie upon check in, not that I can eat the cookie, but that is service. It always scores me a few points with the girlfriend though as does the Neutrogenia toiletries.

By the way this is a bidding well. I have been able to go back to this trough numerous time. This is my most closely guarded Priceline bidding secret. If you stay at this hotel please be courteous. I would say this hotel beats out all of the other hotels on every criteria except for location. Boone's Crossing is nearby, which has a lot of restaurants and the Chesterfield Mall but they are not within walking distance.

If you have business in Chesterfield you can bid knowing this is where you will stay. Enjoy!!!!

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