Monday, March 10, 2008

Hotel Review: Renaissance St. Louis Airport

This is my second review of the Renaisance hotel. This time I booked one night and I check in on a Friday. My stay cost me only forty five dollars not including taxes and fees. This time they had the parking working and everything. The downside of this stay is that I was actually trying to win a bid in Clayton. Another patron says that you do get free WiFi in the lobby but I couldn't get it to work.

All I could get is a screen for the charges. This is also a non-smoking hotel. Last time I thought I recieved a smoking room but I was wrong. It must have been the jerk before me leaving that awful stench. By the way smokers beware as for me I don't care. Sorry, just bustin' a rhyme.

I really enjoyed my stay again. I think that the comments last time still apply. It was nice to stay in a decent hotel again. No more reviews of the Comfort Inn for me. Why should I when it costs the same for a stay at the nicer hotels. As alway good luck bidding.

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