Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hotel Review: Doubletree in Westport Missouri

For those of you who don' know Westport is a business center in the St. Louis area and the better news is that the Westport center is home to a bunch of clubs and restraunts. The Doubletree is locate either a short cab ride or s good walk from the Westport center makig it the ideal nights stay for pleasure or business.

As for the hotel it has one of the nicest lobbies of all the hotels. It is not overwhelming, it is simply uniques and relaxed. The rooms are among my favorites as well. They are spacious, they've got a cool headboard, nice bathrooms. I just can't complain at all. The excercise rooms are equiped with great machines, water and fruit. The pool area and whirlpool looked nice but I didn't jump in. Oh, I just remembered one thing they are repairing the elevators. There is a wait on them and as they've just started the older ones you'll be taking are a bit scary.

I have to say there are a lot of great places that allow Priceline bids. St. Louis is a great area and the Doubletree definitely ranks as one of my favorite stays. I have stayed at this Doubletree twice. I got the room for a winning bid of just thirty-eight dollars.

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