Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hotel Review: Mariott West in Chesterfield Missouri

This is a really nice hotel. It turns out that the Doubletree is encountering a little competition. I won this bid for $38, and I was trying to stay at the Doubletree. The good news is that this hotel was not far. The Doubletree is closer to some of Chesterfields bigger attractions, but this hotel puts you next to Maryville University and highway 141.

If you take 141 south your nest to a lot of hot spots and golf. If you take it north and hang a right on Olive Blvd you are not far from the Olive 16 theatres. I would still recommend taking the 40 over to the mall and catching a flick there. The mall is much easier to find.

The Mariott West is still centrally located sitting just north of US 40, which runs into downtown St. Louis. This hotel sits in a business district. I didn't think much of the exercise room, although it did have all of the standard equipment. It just needs to be upgraded. The big bonus is that they have a dry sauna. Half of me hates those things. The toiletries have an orange ginger theme for now and were very nice.

The hotel also has some excellent room service but I still didn't eat there. There were not many vegan choices. I'm not a vegan but I don't eat meat or cheese. I still like my leather shoes.

Finding the hotel is a bit difficult. If you simply keep in mind to stay on Maryville Center drive and only go up about four drives north of 40 you'll find it just fine. Be careful not to wind up at the Mariott Courtyard. If you do they will be happy to five you accurate directions. Oh and the scenery from my window was magnificent. I was on the forth floor and it was kind of lucky I was sitting just above the tree line. If I were up much higher I would have seen too many buildings.

Well as alway please use my links and enjoy staying in St. Louis.

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