Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hotel Review: Crowne Plaza Clayton

I checked in on the 8th and checked out on the 10th for a winning bid of $45. The taxes and fees brought the room upto just over $111. For those of you that don't know Clayton is the place to be. This is where all the rich people are and it is like a downtown city. I remember, when I was little it was kind of podunky. It is amazing how things change.

There are buildings as tall as those in downtown St. Louis and they are just as nice. If we ever get a basketball team I hope they put it here. Anyway back to the Crowne Plaza.

The hotel was not all that impressive. Once, you pass the lobby it gets drab in a hurry. The lobby is very nice, but the carpets in the hallways are faded big time. This carries over into the rooms and the walls have a very old fashioned wall paper that is a bit beat up. The niche of this hotel is the sleep experience. They give you a little sleep kit that includes ear plugs, an eye mask, some satin spray for the sheets and a CD (I didn't use the sleep kit). The bed is absolutely great.

I probably got my best nights sleep at this hotel. I think they skimped on the renovations to put great beds into the rooms. I woke in the same position I fell asleep in and my limbs didn't go numb. Go figure, they got the sleep experience down.

I also, checked out some of the other stuff in the hotel. They have a great exercise room, a sauna and a free game room. The games are old and actually attracted a lot of adults. They've got Donkey Kong and Ms. Pac-man.

What really makes this hotel is the location. Clayton is a happening place. It is surrounded by restraunts, bars, clubs and any other activity you may want. The Loop (Delmar Blvd) is also nearby. If you can make it down there check out the Thai Pizza Co. It is currently my favorite restraunt, but there are actually five Thai places and all but one of them is oned by the same guy. It is strange that they are all so close to each other. By the way The Pageant is on the loop and Blueberry Hill two St. Louis landmarks.

If you get this rate it is worth it but remember you are paying for the location. I might actually down grade the room to a two star if I had stayed in one. Leave me a comment if you want me to check out what prices I can get on lower star level rooms. Remember e-mail me your hotel review and winning bid. Let the Priceline community know about the great deals.

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