Sunday, February 3, 2008

Review: Hyatt Regency Union Station St. Louis

Well I won this bid on priceline for a stay September 27, 2007 for $50, a great price. Well the bad news is that parking is $16 per night, but I'd stay here for $78 dollars including taxes and fees over a $45 dollar stay at the Days Inn.

There wasn't any exercising on this trip. There was a mall attached to the hotel and that took up all my time. The downside is that it splits the hotel in half, you have to walk through the mall to get to different areas in the hotel and this calls for continuous use of your key card. The good news is that it allows for a lot of fun. The hotel is located in St. Louis's famed Union Station, which is a hop skip and a jump from the Arch and all of the St. Louis attractions. You won't get to many of them, because Union Station will most likely dominate your night and why not? You don't have to drink then find your way back to the hotel and the area is very romantic. You can shop, get dinner, buy your sweetie some FRESHLY handmade chocolates, feed the fish, ride the paddle boats and check out a movie. If you don't have a sweetie you can always go to HOOTERS.

The stay at the Hyatt is not conclusive there is a charge for the internet and it is four bucks for a bottle of water. They also dropped the ball on the room. The room was very nice but there were several glaring problems. A majority of the lamps had bulbs that had gone out but in fairness they were using the weird looking bulbs that are supposed to last ten years or something. Then there was the lamp next to the bed. The previous tenant had broken it and the lamp shade. The maids had not picked up on the damage. The shade had fallen onto the bulb and it had almost caugth fire when I entered the room . If I had only turned on the lights put my luggage away and left half of the Hyatt and Union Station would be missing.

That is a detrimental mistake on the part of the Hyatt, but I doubt it is typical. The Hyatt wouldn't be standing if it were. Overall, the lobby is immaculate and almost intimidating if you are not used to the atmosphere. I really recommend staying at the Hyatt just try a bid at fifty dollars and hope for the best. I might even risk a little less if I were you. I think I could have booked the room at $45 dollars. The room at the Hyatt really afforde me a great night at a reasonable price. It is cheaper than a cab and a lot more luxurious. Remember never drink and drive.
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Make your bid and be sure to email me at GEORGEBURKEMOVIES@GMAIL.COM to let me know were you stayed, what you paid and what you thought.

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