Saturday, February 16, 2008

Priceline Bidding Well

With Priceline bidding you will typically find that you can win the same hotels on a regular basis. The best places to do this are actually in the more competitive areas. I have found that when I am bidding in areas with a more dense population of competitive three star and four star hotels I am able to get cheaper prices.

The reason behind this is that they are usually not going to be busy. If you find out about an event way ahead of time that you want to attend. Try bidding in that area far ahead of the event. The hotel may become filled later, but if they are not anticipating the business you have a good chance at booking a cheap rate.

Once, you have found the lowest rate by following the above principles you can often place the same bid again and again to receive a room at the same hotel as before. This is a major benefit for business travelers particularly if you represent a small business. I work for a mid size company and I bet they could save over $300,000 a year by bidding on Priceline. This would include flights and car rentals. The amount spent on travel is astronomical. The sad thing is that my estimate is probably low. I have literally stayed three nights in the same hotel as my coworkers and they have paid more for one night.

Even if your bid is accepted by a hotel you are not anticipating you can still say,"I just decided to check out a different hotel, I always stay at Nice Hotel". I still have a hotel in the St. Louis area that I have not reviewed because the cheap is so low and it is very nice. I will stay in it one more time and give the review. I am not sure how everyone's discovery of this rate will affect the bidding process. Even though I really doubt that I am going to drive up demand at all much less enough to cause a disturbance. Well, for now this is my bidding well. I wish you the best of luck finding your own.

As always send me an e-mail reviewing the hotel you won a bid at and let me know how cheap the stay was. Have fun and happy bidding.

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