Thursday, February 21, 2008

Priceline Hotel Etiquette

Well I bring this post to you after hearing some moron discuss how he rips off hotels while I was in a restaurant. He seemed pretty proud of the fact that he stole towels and complained at the front desk so long that he got a free night. According to him,"That clerk had no clue she was in the presence of greatness." I would replace greatness with "an a-hole", but the clerk probably knew that.

When you get a winning bid on Priceline keep in mind that it is not for a handful of free towels. You will be charged for those if the maids notice, the towels cost around fifty dollars a piece according to the idiot I overheard. You can pitch a fit like this guy, but I would encourage hotels to stand firm and charge for every missing towel. Remember when you are at a hotel you are a guest. Do not trash the hotel rooms or be a nuisance.

All the above is obvious but what about some of the other considerations. The first thing that you should do is write a review. Tell others about your experience at the hotel, this is free advertising for the hotel. Even if you had a negative experience leave a review. In this case your review gives the hotel the chance to improve. I actually write the hotel and e-mail or a letter. I have always found that a bad experience is normally just a coincidence and not common practice. It is best to keep bad news private if it is not typical.

A few other things:
  • Try to tip the maids, I give five dollars. More and more frequently I find myself without cash, so if you don't have any leave your room in excellent condition.
  • Always leave the room in good condition.
  • Use the hotels facilities with respect
  • Use the hotel services such as room service or restaurant (It really adds to the night and doesn't cost much more than going out, if any more).
  • Put the shower curtain in the tub when taking a shower.
  • Put all trash in the trash can.
  • Check out on time and give the front desk a call.
  • Do all of the other hundreds of things I haven't mentioned.
  • Definitely don't bring guns, hand gernades or drugs into your room.

Really, hotel etiquette doesn't involve much. It is important. Hotels will not continue to offer these great rates through Priceline if the clients they send are undesirable. Be a desirable customer; especially when booking through Priceline. Remember before Priceline it was just about impossible to get such competitive rates. Don't blow it by taking advantage. Fortunately, I don't think the jerk I mentioned in the beginning was a Priceline customer and he still didn't come out as far ahead as we do.

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