Saturday, February 2, 2008

Priceline Timing Strategy

This may seem obvious but it I want to start this out with a bit of easy. I like staying in hotels not being over worked. Well the longer you have the better your chance to win a cheap bid. I like to start finding a room upto three weeks in advance. I basically, check my bids by going really low for the highest star ranked room. Like I said I do this to enjoy life a little. I will typically check a bid at thirty-five dollars for a three star.

At that price you're typically going to find a red box that says you don't have much of a chance at winnig the bid. Move up in increments of five dollars until the box goes a way, and then try a dollar less until you have a reasonable bid. I've personally never won a bid when that box states I don't stand a chance. Once. you bid at that amound you stand a good chance of making a winning bid. From there move up in increments of a dollar or two using a different computer and credit card or bid the next day. That is how you'll find the minimum price on a room.

Keep in mind three star rooms are very nice, this is the minimum star level I 've bid. I do plan on trying to bid on a few two star rooms in safer neighborhoods. Remember I typically want to stay in rooms around St. Louis.

If you are staying for leisure or you travel to a particular place frequently you will find you can tap the well at that price over and over again getting the same hotel. My next post might be on a room I stay at more frequently. I might want to stay there a few more time before you guys drive the price through the roof.

I also find that I have more luck bidding on rooms on weekdays. By starting early and bidding on weekdays I have found that I have been able to get the best rates. I stayed at the hotel, pictured above, as mentioned in my previous post for at a forty-eight dollar bid. The bad news is that fees and parking cost me a little less than thirty more dollars. Still a lot less than what everyone else paid. While, I was there I heard the girl at the front desk charge some lady one hundred eighty dollars for the night. Well I guess we know not to book a room at the last minute.

From my experience, I have not found that booking differs on whether it is a weekend or weeknight. It is however very difficult to book using bid now over the holidays.Priceline Flights, Hotels, Rental Cars & More!Please, get to priceline using the above banner the clicks you make keep this blog going.

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