Monday, February 4, 2008

Hotel Review: Sheraton Westport Chalet

I checked in on the 25th and checked out on the 27th. This was a weekend stay that was won for a bid of $42 per night. The total cost was just over $100. I researched this and a stay at the hotel runs around $160 per night so I feel like I got a really good deal. This was also the absolute cheapest price. It took me three days to find this price. I was bidding for rooms near the Airport and in Westport.

Westport is a real thriving area. It has a great night life. There are several bars and clubs in a business village setting. There are also several fine dining establishments to enjoy such as the Drunken Fish. The Funny Bone and all of the other available entertainment in within walking distance. The hotel also rests on a scenic lake with a fountain.

At check-in I had the choice of doubles or a king size. The drawback was that the doubles where only available in smoking. I unfortunately chose the doubles in smoking. The smoking rooms are definitely used by smokers. They smell was very apparent. Imagine, when I was a smoker I didn't notice. My fault. The room was still very nice. The furniture was very comfortable and so were the beds. The room came equipped with a desk and plenty of drawer space, which I don't really use. Hence, the second bed.

The soaps at the hotel are made by Bliss, which is an English company. I didn't find them special only because I am not into that stuff. I brought them back for my girlfriend and she loved them. It is amazing that these small thing I bring her always make her really happy. That is okay with me; it saves me on jewelery and chocolates. They also had some type of coffee, but I don't drink coffee so good luck with your morning. I was impressed by the bathrooms for the only reason that they were really well organized.

The room has dark wood furniture and the beds are very comfortable. There was a back door to my room and I was able to walk right out to the lake. Convenient for a romantic walk. I also, used the exercise equipment. Avoid the stair thing at all costs, it almost killed me. There are two treadmills, two ellipticals, a standing back, a reclined back and a weight station. I'll have to start bringing a swimsuit, because I never use the pool.

I recommend taking this deal if you can score a winning bid at the Sheraton. I definitely had a positive experience. Another plus was that parking was free and I think the Internet connection was free as well. The free WiFi in the lobby was kind of slow with five users that I saw, but it is more than made up for by an extensive business room.
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Again, thank you for visiting and I hope you save a lot of money using my tips and have a good stay at the hotels I have reviewed.

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