Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day at the Westport Sheraton Using Priceline

Well this is a great idea for those of you out there with a sweet. Sometimes it is just nice to get away. Have a little time alone or away from the norm with your wife or girlfriend. What better way to do that than to book a nice hotel. I did it this Valentine's Day. I booked a room in Westport and the Sheraton accepted my bid of just forty-two dollars.

The person you take will think you put up a lot of money for a romantic evening so you look like a stud. You can order room service or go to the restaurant in the hotel. Either way it doesn't cost any more than a romantic dinner at a local restaurant. You can also find a hot tub or sauna in most hotels as well. I often find that I can book a weekend for less than what most people pay for a single night. It is great.

Depending upon where you book the room you'll often find that the nicer hotels are located in busy areas. There are normally a good amount of activities in the surrounding area, just stay away from airports. When booking through Priceline when you plan to have company it is always smart to call ahead of time and ask for a king/queen size. I prefer doubles still, but most people want the bigger bed when two will be sharing the room. Another big benefit is if you decide to have sex someone else has to wash the sheets.

The most amazing thing about this is that I was able to book a stay over a holiday. This should typically be a busy day for hotels. I actually, hadn't planned this stay in advance. I had booked a room in Westport for forty-two dollars a couple of weeks ago and made a bid for the same amount. It seems like this is a pretty reliable bid for now. Hopefully, this well doesn't run dry.

Remember guys anytime your in the dog house this is a smart and affordable way to get out. If your married get the wife away from the kids for a night. Hire a babysitter and just take some time to yourselves.

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