Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hotel Review: Millennium Hotel St. Louis

I won this bid about three weeks ago for two nights which were on Friday and Saturday. I made the mistake of booking one night and then adding another. I was able to stay in the same room but I did have to check in twice. Apparently, the maids didn't get the memo and threw away my toiletries. I won the room for $40 dollars per night and parking is an additional $16 dollars per night.

I have to say if you want to book a stay for multiple nights make sure to fill in the information properly when you bid. I was very disappointed in how the offer to add nights using priceline's bid now feature worked. If you do need to add a night it is still worth your while. Especially, if you get a really good rate.

Well the room was more unique than most. It had a modern and appealing design. The room was shaped like a trapezoid, which was also weird. The bed could have been more comfortable. The view however was absolutely stunning. My room sat right above the St. Louis Arch and the cathedral. The view in of itself made the room worth every penny. The lobby is large and very nice. There is a lot of night life nearby. The landing is a good walk from the hotel or a short cab ride. Soulard is also close but I don't like going to Soulard. I've had a bad experiences there the only time I have gone.

If you do visit the landing, I suggest checking out the Big Bang (piano bar) or Morgan Street Brewery (Restaurant, Sports Bar, Patio, Night Club, Neighborhood Bar, All-in-one). I don't think I really need to mention that the romantic setting here. It is too obvious given the location. If you are into gambling you can go up to the Lumiere, which I am not a fan or the President's. If you get real adventurous catch the Metro to Illinois and go to the Casino Queen. This hotel is best suited for an adult stay. There isn't a whole lot for kids to do that I know. There is Busch Stadium.

I would definitely be excited if I were to win another bid at the Millennium, but I haven't had a chance to set this up for another go. I would really like to try dining at the Restaurant on the top level of the hotel. I will definitely hit that up next time and provide a review. Oh yeah, don't expect a view of fireworks every night you stay at the Millennium. I just liked the picture. As always I hope you too can find some great deals. Keep me informed by sending an e-mail to georgeburkemovies@gmail.com.

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