Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hotel Review: Renaissance St. Louis Airport

I understand that most of the people looking for a hotels are business travelers. Giving this consideration I decided to book a room near the airport. I have tried to do this before but it always seemed a bit steeper than the areas. Well I committed myself and I won the room with a bid of $46 dollars. I think this is a really good rate but I am not entirely sure this will be a winning bid during the week. I would still give it a shot though.

I've driven by this hotel many times and from the outside you can tell it is pretty nice but I wasn't ever really impressed. The hotel lobby wasn't overwhelming either. This is one of the reasons I liked it over so many others. It had a small bar to the left and a nice open restaurant off to the right. A Starbucks bordered the edge of the restaurant as well.

They also have very nice conference room on the ground floor as well the the twelfth floor. The ballroom is up at the top as well. Other amenities include a pool and spa. I thought they had a sauna but they had just remodeled the exercise room and gotten rid of the sauna. Too bad. The exercise room was really nice. It was truly a full gym. You won't have to wait to exercise here or feel rushed there is plenty of equipment. The sit up machine was a back breaker watch out.

The rooms were also especially nice. I really like the decor I may implement some of these ideas in my own home. The room was very nice. It had a grayish theme so the ladies may not like it as much. The bathroom even had a shower head that is actually above your head. I am pretty tall and I hate the fact that most hotels have the shower head at chest level.

The one big complaint I have is that they want to charge for the Internet in the rooms and even in the hotel lobby. This is one thing that really bothers me about these hotels. A hotel charging thirty bucks a night gives free Wifi and these nicer hotel just try to get you every chance they get. It is ridiculous to charge for the Internet. Overall, this is convenient if you are a sales guy and are working near the airport. If not, try to explore the other hotels I have mentioned. Good luck bidding.

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